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Fast & reliable nationwide auto transport company Lite Auto Transport is the number one rated car transporter in the U.S.A
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Door-To-Door Auto Transport Service; 100% Bumper-To-Bumper Auto Insurance

America's Auto Transport Experts Since 2018 Learn how our auto transport services work and what you can expect from our experience in the auto transport industry. Or Call Us ✆ → 818-813-8194

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5 reasons to select light auto transport

Your vehicle will be transported with little stress and at a reasonable price. Here are some reasons why is among the top vehicle shipping businesses in the US

Car Delivery To Your Front Door - Liteautotransport

Instant Nationwide Car Shipping Quotes

No matter if you’re shipping a car across the country or to a neighboring state, we calculate auto transport cost faster than any other car moving company.

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Excellent Vehicle Shipping Services

Tens of thousands of consumers a year are satisfied with our auto transport services. You need to look no further than Nexus if you require a top-of auto transport business. We work hard every day to maintain our position as the top auto shipping business in the US.

Car Delivery To Your Front Door - Liteautotransport

Car Transport Services From Industry Professionals

The level of vehicle shipping is completely raised by our team of professionals in car delivery services. We do more than just relocate cars. We have a penchant for providing dependable auto shipping services because we love cars. That identifies a top-tier vehicle shipping business.

Car Delivery To Your Front Door - Liteautotransport

Safer Than Self-Shipping A Car

The level of vehicle shipping is completely raised by our team of professionals in car delivery services. We do more than just relocate cars. We have a penchant for providing dependable auto shipping services because we love cars. That identifies a top-tier vehicle shipping business.

Car Delivery To Your Front Door - Liteautotransport

Everyone's Auto Transport Solutions

We have vehicle transport services for every customer and every requirement, whether you're moving for school or purchasing a car from an online auto auction.

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car transportation

With our vetted car carrier network of 61,000+ drivers, we arrange car transportation services in every corner of the United States.

Car Transport Service

Our Car Transport Service provides a hand-picked team of professional drivers who pick up your vehicle at the time and place of your choosing

Calculate the cost of exporting your car right away

Our goal is to make our car transportation services simpler for your advantage. No migraines. No gaming. We cherish your time, making us the best auto moving company. Calculating the cost of exporting your car is no different.

No waiting on a never-comes email or playing phone tag with a private transport provider. With our thorough auto shipping quotes’ quickness and accuracy, we raise the bar for auto transport businesses. You should expect more from the auto shipping company you hire. We provide more quickly.

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Car Delivery To Your Front Door - Liteautotransport

That’s auto transport made easy. That’s Lite auto transport.

Just enter your pickup location, delivery location, and car’s make and model into our contact us box. or text us at :     929-203-0415 In moments, we’ll give you  auto transport quotes .

Best of all, unlike other less trustworthy car shipping firms, we don’t squeal on our customers with false fees and hidden expenses. You pay the price that is displayed. Auto transport quotes made simple by an auto shipping company that cares about your needs. That’s the lite auto transport difference. 

Fast & reliable nationwide auto transport at your service
how long does it take to ship a car?

A car shipment’s duration is influenced by a number of auto shipping variables. These variables include your preference for an open or closed vehicle shipment service, driver availability, the accessibility of your automobile pickup and delivery sites, and the weather along the route of your car transport service. When moving an automobile, the majority of independent auto transporters travel 500 miles each day on average. Typically, a cross-country auto transport takes 5-7 days. You may estimate how long it will take to ship an automobile by adding the time from when you order it to when the vehicle is picked up. The best car transport businesses, such as liteautotransport car Transport, are always open and honest about shipment timing. Avoid using auto shipping firms that avoid answering your questions. Work only with auto transport businesses who are honest with you. Accept nothing less from the automobile service you arrange for.

how much does it take to ship a car?

The price of transporting a car is determined using details about your specific auto shipment. The total distance of your car shipment, whether you require expedited vehicle shipping services or not, the make and model of your car, its condition, its size, and weight, the time of year you schedule an auto shipment, and whether you select closed auto transport or open auto transport service are all factors that will affect the price a car transport company will charge you. Visit our fast auto shipment pricing calculator for reliable automobile shipping rates available 24/7/365. Within seconds, you’ll receive a free, anonymous automobile shipping quotation! How much does it cost to ship a vehicle? We work hard to provide you with a private automobile travel arrangement that is economical and stress-free. We are a reasonably priced auto transport company that never compromises on quality.

how do i prepare a car for shipping?

A car needs to be cleaned and properly prepared for vehicle shipment in order to send it directly with reputable auto shipping firms in a safe and secure manner. Your car should be inside and out clean. It is simpler for us to deliver the best car transfer service by removing extra dust and grit. Additionally, make sure your car has at least a quarter tank of fuel so you can load and unload it from a car carrier safely. When picking up your vehicle, make a note of any existing damages if you are aware of them and provide it to your driver. Unless there are exceptional circumstances (approved by the driver for an extra cost) that require otherwise, remove all personal things. The easier it will be for those auto transport services to move your car, the cleaner and better equipped it is to ship with car carriers businesses!

is insurance included with car shipping?

Yes! All car shipping estimates obtained through consultation or using our online auto shipping cost estimator include comprehensive car cargo insurance for the length of your car shipment. Professional auto transporters should provide nothing less. Please get in touch with us if you have any additional inquiries about the auto freight insurance coverage that comes with your automobile shipment. You can call us at 818 813 8194 or chat with one of our online vehicle shipping service experts. Being among the safest vehicle transporters in the business today is something we take great pride in. When choosing a vehicle transfer provider, put safety first. And we consistently collaborate with the most qualified private auto movers in operation today.

how do i choose an auto transport company?

You should only take into account the best car shipping firms in the US when choosing between car transport businesses. When working with reputable auto carriers, it’s essential to have an experienced auto shipping team to secure your vehicle and reduce stress. And when you choose the best auto shipping company for your requirements, you can relax knowing that your car is in capable hands. Not only is liteautotransport one of the most trustworthy auto shipping firms out there. The company isn’t simply among the best you can find for car shipping, either. We offer the finest value for your money when it comes to car transportation, according to thousands of happy customers. In terms of private automobile transport effectiveness, price, and safety, we outperform competing auto transportation businesses. Because of this, liteautotranspor is one of the best-rated auto shipping businesses in the United States.

can you ship your cars with things in it?

We do not offer insurance for personal property while transporting cars as part of our professional transportation services. Car shipping firms are not permitted by Department of Transportation laws to ship your car with personal items in the front or back seats. Make sure you empty the trunk and cab of your car before shipping it with a car hauler firm, unless there are unique conditions (approved to by the driver for an additional price). However, each car carrier business is unique. So make sure to ask your driver any questions you may have about your specific shipping circumstances, or feel free to call us at 818 813 8194.

which car shipping options are avaible?

When exporting autos, a car transportation firm shouldn’t add unnecessary complexity. With our updated automobile transportation cost calculator, our knowledgeable staff at liteautotransport has embraced simplicity. Our vehicle shipping calculator will provide you three distinct rates for Standard, Enclosed, and Accelerated shipment with only a little information about your shipping route. With our Standard vehicle shipping service, you may transport your car at the most affordable rate possible on one of our open car carriers thanks to your freedom with scheduling. The quickest method to send an automobile in the United States is with our Accelerated auto shipping option. Our network of expert vehicle transporters will make every effort to offer you same-day or next-day professional transportation services for just a little bit more. Additionally, for a slightly more expensive (but reasonable) fee, you may protect your precious automobile from the elements and potential road hazards when you transfer it using our premium enclosed car transporting service. The best vehicle shipping companies offer a wide range of options. And that’s exactly what we give you: options.

how does the car transport process works
The process of transporting an automobile is simpler than it appears! Use our online vehicle transport costs calculator to get a free shipment quote. Or, contact one of our vehicle shipping service specialists directly at 8188138194. Once you schedule your vehicle shipment with one of the 59,000+ private car haulers we work with, clean your car for transport before your scheduled car pickup date. Before shipping your vehicle, you (or a representative you choose) will perform a thorough vehicle examination with your driver to note any existing defects. Then, for vehicle transport, your driver will place your car onto a car carrier! You can use our online vehicle shipment tracker to follow your private car transport order while it is in transit. You or someone you designate will complete one final vehicle inspection with the driver when your car gets to its destination, then you’ll sign the Bill of Lading and that’s it! Don’t waste your money on private car transport businesses who make life difficult for you. Book with a business that makes things simple for auto shipping. Hire

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