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Enclosed Transport

It’s a wonderful idea to send your car enclosed to prevent damage from occurring while being transported. The majority of damaged autos that occur during auto transport happen during the collection and delivery of other vehicles. There are 20 chances for harm to occur to your vehicle because the majority of autos are transported on open ten-car carriers.

But with enclosed auto transport, that risk is reduced to nearly nothing. How? Vehicles are not stacked on two racks in enclosed transport trucks, which instead use dynamic race ramps or lift gates. This results in fewer vehicles being transported by truck and fewer chances for other vehicles to sustain damage during loading and unloading.

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Auto Transport Options

Open TransportVehicle Shipping service

The three main categories of auto transporters on the road are open, enclosed, and flatbed vehicles. For the majority of auto shippers, open auto transport services are the most prevalent, least expensive, and most accessible. They work best for customers transporting cars that they plan to regularly drive.

Open car transport is the typical method of moving a vehicle and is the approach we consider standard, however, additional options exist and are available for people who require them. This means that if you request a price from us, you must indicate the type of carrier you desire; otherwise, the price you receive will be for open transportation services.

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Door to Door Transport

Door-to-door auto shipment is rather simple in the auto transport sector. Door-to-door auto transporters pick up and deliver your car as near to your home as the truck can physically go.

Due to their length of 80 feet, door-to-door vehicle transport trucks cannot physically fit in some situations. This implies that you will need to meet the car transport truck driver somewhere nearby if they can’t come to your address. Big-box businesses or strip malls with spacious parking lots are recommended.

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Motorcycle TransportMotorcycle Shipping #1 Solutions Transport Options
Lite Auto Transport offers you the best motorcycle transport in all of the United States. We at Lite Auto Transport pride ourselves in being able to take the safety and security of your motorcycle very seriously. L.A.T understands that motorcycle transport is different from other forms of car transport, vehicle transport or auto transport. Motorcycle shipping is an altogether unique experience. Lite Auto Transport can recognize that and make sure that your transport request does not experience any form of difficulties!

Auto auctions Shipping

A secondhand car can be purchased at auto auctions. Through online auto auction sites like Copart and Manheim, you may frequently find cars for rock-bottom prices. The majority of auto transport companies on the road transport cars to and from auctions, but we can also assist you by offering professional auto auction shipping services!

Keep all the information you are given when purchasing a vehicle from an auction since we and your carrier will require it to pick up the vehicle from the auction site. Please make sure to specify that your car is also being shipped from an auction!

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Seasonal Auto Relocation

Classic Car Auto Shipping

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Military auto shippingimages 4 1 #1 Solutions Transport Options

might apply to shipping military vehicles themselves or shipping vehicles for military personnel. While all car transporters will be allowed to ship cars for service members, not all of them are qualified to transport military cars.

Vehicles can be delivered to and picked up from all 50 states.

Military personnel are eligible for substantial savings from us, and as long as the vehicle has wheels, we can service practically any military vehicle.

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Our network of certified truckers are fully trained on careful handling and secure loading…

Cross-Country Car Shipping: What Is It?

istockphoto 1184298743 612x612 1 #1 Solutions Transport Options
Freeway signage providing direction and information about the upcoming junction; San Francisco downtown skyline visible in the background

When you move a car from one end of the country to the other, you are said to be doing cross-country car shipping. From north to south, east to west, or via any other cross-country auto freight route that covers a sizable portion of the nation. 2,000 miles or more from east to west and 1,300 to 1,500 miles or more from north to south are typical distances for cross-country car transport.

However, depending on where the automobile collection and delivery locations are located, some shorter car transportation routes can be regarded as “cross-country.” You can transport a vehicle across the nation on your own, hire a trailer hitch, or acquire other self-shipping tools. Depending on the professional cross-country car shipping business you hire, prices can vary significantly. Because DIY cross-country car transport is less expensive upfront, some movers and travelers like it.

What Is the Price of Cross-Country Car Shipping?

That is dependent on various elements. From where or where are you shipping? What kind of car are you transporting? When do you plan to ship? Do you require services for open or enclosed auto transport?
The most important component in determining your shipping prices is the distance traveled. Along with the season, other factors to consider include the size of the vehicle. Open auto transport services and winter shipment are frequently the most affordable options.

What is the cost to ship a car across country?


Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, the average cost to ship a car across the country varies as well. However, there are several factors that directly affect the cost to ship a car across country. They include:

  • Make and model: Smaller vehicles cost less to transport than larger vehicles.
  • Distance traveled: Shorter distances cost less than longer distances.
  • Delivery time frame: If you want an expedited cross country auto transport service, the average cost is higher
  • Transport type: For owners of standard vehicles, open car transport is the best value option. On the other hand, you might be the owner of a classic, vintage, luxury, antique, expensive, or modified car. If this is the case, enclosed auto transport might be a better option because it offers added protection. The cost is a little higher but the added protection is worth it.
  • Vehicle condition: Vehicles that are operable cost less. Inoperable vehicles cost more because specialist loading and unloading equipment is necessary. This is often the case since the vehicle can’t be moved or modified.
  • Location: If you’re shipping between major cities, it costs less to transport a car across the country. Countryside auto transport can cost more because of the remote locations.
  • Time of the year: Shipping a car cross country is much cheaper during the summer. During the winter, dangerous road conditions increase the cost.

With these in mind, let’s take a look at an example. Typically, the average price per mile of an open transport is around $0.80. This is the standard rate if the distance is less than 500 miles. So, for a 250-mile trip, your cost would be around $200.

The longer the trip, the lower the average price per mile. If shipping a car across the country a distance of 1000 miles, your average price per mile would be about $0.70. And these costs are reflective of a standard open carrier, bringing your total to $700. Simply put, a smaller vehicle, in open transport, with flexible delivery times is going to be cheaper than the alternatives.


How does shipping multiple cars across country work?

Shipping multiple cars across country works just the same as shipping a single car, however, it is generally with an open truck and trailer. Arrangements are made to pick-up the cars, load them onto the trailer, and deliver them to your chosen location. For more information, speak with our shipping advisors.

We have worked diligently to provide the best and most transparent auto shipping services and prices for our customers. Our body of work speaks for itself; hundreds of thousands of vehicles shipped, Lots of five-star customer reviews, and over  decade of experience moving vehicles.

We work with only the best car transport companies on the road, so from start to finish you’ll be in good hands. Our vehicle shipping process is streamlined and we offer multiple levels of service so customers from all economic backgrounds can ship their car. Running, non-running, big or small, we can handle any and every vehicle that can roll, brake, and steer.

What Happens From Pickup to Drop Off?


(And What you Should not Forget to do)

What Happens at the start?

1) Before pickup, you will hear from the auto transport carrier that was assigned to your vehicle at the time of dispatch. They will work with you to schedule final times to arrive at your door (or as close to it as they can get).
2) Once the car shipping company arrives and before the car is loaded, you will want to do a full inspection of your vehicle. This step is a crucial part of the car shipping process and is done along with your transport truck driver, who will mark existing damage on a form or in an app. We highly recommend you ensure that pictures are taken of all 4 sides of the vehicle and the top along with pictures on the interior and the odometer showing the current mileage before it is loaded onto the car shipping trailer.
3) Your vehicle will now be loaded and on the way to your destination

What Happens in Between?

1) Auto transport carriers travel around 400-500 miles per day and both pick up and deliver vehicles on appointment. They never just show up. More to the point, auto shipping carriers will not call to make an appointment with you until they’ve finished loading or unloading the previously scheduled vehicle. Because carriers pickup and deliver vehicles on appointment, you’ll know specifically when they will arrive and where you will need to meet them, and you’ll know this hours in advance. During all of this, though, you’ll have the carrier’s direct contact information including the driver’s name, the dispatcher’s information, and both their direct telephone numbers. Vehicles on a car transport truck end route to their destination.

What Happens at Delivery?

1) Most car shipping carriers will call a day ahead of schedule when they have narrowed down the delivery window and make arrangements with you for time and location as close to your house as they can physically get.

2) Once the vehicle has been unloaded from the vehicle shipping truck, you need to be sure to do the delivery inspection. Go around the whole vehicle again and take pictures on all 4 sides and the top, check the interior for any damages, and make sure there are no major fluctuations to the mileage on the odometer. Note any damages on the BOL. This must be done or you CANNOT file a claim for damages with the car shipping carrier’s insurance.

3) Congratulations, your car shipping company has delivered your vehicle! You can drive it away.

Our Vehicle Shipping Process

  • 1

    Get Quote

    Get an instant car shipping estimate to ship a car or any other vehicle by filling out the vehicle transport quote form above or calling (818) 813-8194.

  • 2

    Place Order

    If you like our car shipping estimate, place your auto transport order online, or call us and talk to one of our car shipping specialists to complete your order.

  • 3

    Schedule Pickup

    We will reserve your vehicle a place on one of our car transport carriers. We provide you with the car shipping drivers name, phone # and pickup/delivery dates via phone and email.

  • 4

    Move Vehicle

    Our car shipping carrier will transport your vehicle. The driver of the auto transport truck will call to make an appointment 4 to 24 hours in advance of the pickup and delivery day to ensure availability.

    Different Levels of Car Transport Services

    Our car transport services are designed to cater to people from all walks of life. Whether you need your vehicle picked up in a day or a month, we offer vehicle shipping services to help you with all your car transport needs.


  • 5 Weekdays-2


    Standard Service

    Our standard car transport services are designed to get a vehicle picked up within 1-5 weekdays. This level of service has worked about 90% of the time and is recommended for people who are not in a hurry to ship a car. Our standard car transport service is our lowest competitive price.

    2 Weekdays-2


    Priority Shipping

    Priority car transport costs $240 more than standard, but it is designed to get vehicles picked up within 1-2 weekdays. This level of service has worked about 90% of the time. We recommend priority auto transport services for people with tight pickup timeframes.



    Expedited Shipping

    Expedited car transport services are designed to get vehicles picked up within 24 hours. Though it costs $540 more than our standard level of service and has worked about 90% of the time and is highly recommended for people who need vehicles picked up right away. (Only works on business days).

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