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Our Car Shipping & Delivery Services

Lite Auto Transport is one of the nation’s best car shipping services companies. For instance, we have over ten years of experience, have shipped over 40,000 cars, and have millions of miles of coast-to-coast auto transport experience. Due to this, our high-quality car delivery services are renowned across the United States. We ship many vehicles— from cars, motorcycles, and boats; to ATVs, RVs, and heavy equipment. Therefore, our full range of first-class shipping services will ensure that you receive timely door-to-door service for the complete shipping of your vehicle. Finally, we are an auto transport industry leader; we have an A+ Google Rating,

Consistently earn 5-star ratings on, Google, and Facebook.

Door-To-Door Auto Transport Services 

Door to Door auto transport is the best option for anyone wanting their car shipped quickly. If timing isn’t an issue, you can opt for terminal transport. However, this method is not recommended because many parties would transport the vehicle.

Door-to-door auto transport is also preferred because you meet the driver and personally inspect the vehicle on pickup and drop off. This will eliminate most of the anxiety of not knowing precisely who is transporting your car.

Shipping your car door to door in our industry doesn’t indeed mean door to door. Depending on the car carrier’s type and size, they will try to get as close as possible if the truck can’t get to the physical address on pickup or delivery due to the streets’ size or low-hanging trees.

Auto Transport By Car Brand

From Audi and BMW to Chevrolet and Tesla, Lite Auto Transport has many years of experience transporting major car brands safely and securely. Whether our customers have a $50,000 classic car or a $40,000 family car, they have the same concerns about the possibility of damage occurring to their vehicle during transport. A problem-free auto transport service experience begins with carefully preparing and protecting your vehicle for the trip. Whether in an enclosed (covered) carrier with hard or soft sides, an open carrier like car dealers use, or a lowboy carrier for big pieces of equipment. Learn more about our shipping services & the brands we transport.

Auto Transport By State

When you take a road trip in your vehicle or are moving across the country, it’s much simpler than the planning Lite Auto Transport has to do when choosing the best auto transport route for our customers’ vehicles. Over the years, we’ve learned which routes are the most efficient and cost-effective, giving you the lowest car transport fee while making a reasonable profit for our company. Learn more about how we choose our state auto-shipping routes.

Exotic Car Transport Services

White Tesla Open Car Shipping

Lite Auto Transport, we understand the time, money, and labor it takes to keep your car pristine. Whether you need your luxury or exotic vehicle moved, let one of our exotic car transport service specialists help you. We employ exotic car shipping drivers who are thoroughly trained and have extensive experience. Learn more about our exotic auto transport services.

Classic Car Transport Services

Need a reliable classic car transport company to ship your vehicle across the state or country? At Lite Auto Transport, we understand how important it is to have peace of mind. For this reason, we strive to ensure your prized possession is well-kept and handled with extreme care. You can trust us to deliver your classic car to your specified location. Learn more about our classic car transport services.

Motorcycle Transport Services

Are you looking for a reputable company that specializes in motorcycle transportation services? You can depend on Lite Auto Transport to handle everything for you. With our extensive experience, you can count on us to provide the motorcycle shipping service you need. Whether you are a motorcycle owner, dealer, manufacturer, or collector, we are the motorcycle transporters you can depend on. We strive to protect your bike during the motorcycle shipping process. Our motorcycle transport services include moving ATVs, dirt bikes, trikes, and sidecars nationwide. Learn more about the motorcycle transport and shipping process today!

Boat Transport Services 

Meeting and exceeding your expectations is the cornerstone of our boat transport service. We make it a point to deliver world-class service to our customers. Whether you need your powerboat, sailboat or yacht moved, let one of our trained staff members help you. Learn more about the boat transport services process today.

Heavy Equipment Transport Services 

Whether you need an oversized vehicle/dump truck moved or commercial equipment delivered to a location, Lite Auto Transport can help. No job is too big or small. Our drivers are experienced in shipping heavy equipment anywhere in the United States. Learn more about our heavy equipment/dump truck transport services today.

POV Military Car Shipping Services

An essential part of your job as an active member of the US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coastguard is responding quickly to a Permanent Change of Station order, whether a cross-country relocation or 500 miles away. That’s why Lite Auto Transport offers valuable military car transport services to our men and women in uniform. Learn more about military car shipping services today if you are an active military member.

Open Car Shipping Services

Are you looking to ship a car or multiple cars? Need to deliver a vehicle across the state or the country? Lite Auto Transport carrier services offer cheaper rates than most other carriers. To satisfy customers, we ship cars, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, vans, and boats weekly. You can trust Lite Auto Transport services to deliver your vehicle with care. Learn more about our open car delivery services.

Enclosed Car Shipping Services

Enclosed car shipping has been one of our most reliable services customers have enjoyed for over 10 years! Many agree we have built a proven reputation as the most trusted company when providing enclosed car transport services. Enclosed car shipping services are best for customers who own luxury, high-end, exotic, classic, and custom vehicles. We pride ourselves in providing this service until your vehicle reaches your door. Learn More about our enclosed car shipping services.

Lowboy Car Shipping Services

Are you a construction, industrial, or commercial company looking to transport heavy equipment to job sites? Well, look no further! At Lite Auto Transport, we offer the perfect solution for moving bigger, taller, and heavier items. Dump trucks, boats, box trucks, buses, building materials, and other construction materials and equipment are not too big for our lowboy shipping service. With our affordable rates and high-quality service, you can feel secure knowing that our lowboy transport services will move your equipment safely and securely. Learn More about our lowboy car shipping services.

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