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Using our 24+ years of experience working with dealerships and clients across the country, we specialize in making this process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. Auto relocation and transportation can be expensive and difficult to complete. It can be unsettling to entrust someone else with moving your car across the country, the state, or even the city. You can move your car from one state to another, anywhere in the United States, with only a few easy steps and no issues at all. Anytime, wherever, and with a guarantee, we will transfer your car, van, motorcycle, RV, or other type of vehicle.



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how long does it take to ship a car?

The duration of a car shipment depends upon multiple auto shipping factors. These factors include your choice of open or closed vehicle shipment service, driver availability, weather conditions on your car transport service route, and the accessibility of your car pickup and delivery locations.

Most independent auto transport drivers cover an average of 500 miles a day when shipping a car. A cross-country car shipment usually takes 5-7 days. Add the time from when you order a car shipment to your vehicle pickup, and you’ll have a good idea of how long it will take to ship a car.

The top vehicle shipping companies, like liteautotransport Auto Transport, are always transparent about shipment timing. Don’t settle for auto transporting companies that give you the runaround. Only work with car hauling companies that are upfront with you. Accept no less from the cars transportation company you book through.

how much does it take to ship a car?

The cost of shipping a car is calculated with information about your particular auto shipment. What a car transport company charges you is affected by several factors that include: the total distance of your car shipment, whether you need expedited vehicle shipping services or not, the make and model of your vehicle, your car’s condition, your car’s size and weight, the time of year that you schedule an auto shipment, and whether your choose closed auto transport or open auto transport service.

To receive accurate car transport quotes 24/7/365, head over to our instant auto transport price calculator. You’ll get a free, anonymous vehicle shipping quote within seconds! How much does it cost to ship a car? We work hard to give you a private car transport deal that’s cost-effective and worry-free. We’re an affordable auto transporter that never, ever sacrifices quality.

how do i prepare a car for shipping?

To ship a car direct safely and securely with professional car shipping companies, it must be cleaned and properly prepared for vehicle transport. Clean your vehicle inside and out. Removing excess dirt and grime makes it easier for us to provide the best car transport service possible.

Also, ensure your vehicle has at least a quarter tank of gas for safely loading and unloading it from a car carrier. If you’re aware of preexisting damages, notate them and share them with your driver during your vehicle pickup.

Remove all personal items unless there are special circumstances (signed off on by the driver for an additional fee) that dictate otherwise. The cleaner and more prepared your car is to ship with car haulers companies, the easier it will be for those auto transport services to move your car!

is insurance included with car shipping?

Yes! All vehicle shipping quotes secured either through consultation or via our online auto shipping price calculator include full auto cargo insurance for the duration of your automobile shipment. You should expect nothing less from professional auto transporters. If you have more questions about the vehicle cargo insurance policy included with your car shipment, feel free to contact us.

You can chat with one of our online vehicle shipping service specialists or contact us attelephone 1 #1 Best Car Shipping | Top Rated Vehicle  818 813 8194 . We pride ourselves on being one of the safest car movers in the industry today. Safety should come first when looking for a vehicle transport company. And we always partner with the best, licensed private car haulers on the road today.

how do i choose an auto transport company?

When deciding between vehicle transport companies, you should only consider the top vehicle shipping companies in the United States. An experienced auto transport team is crucial to limiting stress and protecting your car when working with professional auto transporters. And when you narrow it down to the best auto shipping service for your needs, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands. liteautotransport  isn’t just one of the most reliable auto shipping companies around. And it isn’t just one of the better car transport companies you can find, either.

According to thousands of satisfied customers, we are the best option for your car transportation buck. We outpace other auto transportation companies in terms of private car transport efficiency, affordability, and safety. That’s why lite auto transport  is one of the most highly-rated car shipping companies in the U.S.

can you ship your cars with things in it?

Our professional transportation services do not include insurance for personal belongings during car transport. According to Department of Transportation regulations, car moving companies are prohibited from shipping your car with personal belongings in the front or back seats. Outside of special circumstances (agreed to by the driver for an additional fee), be sure to remove all belongings from the trunk and cab of your vehicle before shipping with a car hauler company. Every car hauler company’s different, though. So, be sure to consult with your driver if you have questions about your particular shipping situation, or feel free to contact us directly at  818 813 8194.

which car shipping options are available ?

A cars transportation company should not make things needlessly complex when shipping cars. Our experienced auto transport team at liteautotransport has embraced simplicity with our new, improved car shipping cost calculator.

With just a bit of information about your vehicle shipping route, our automobile shipping calculator will provide you with three different quotes — Standard, Enclosed, and Accelerated.

When you transport your vehicle with our Standard vehicle shipping service, your scheduling flexibility gets you the lowest possible price for transport on one of our open car carriers. Our Accelerated auto shipping option is just that — it’s the fastest way to ship a car in the United States.

For just a bit more, our network of professional auto transporters will work hard to provide you with same-day or next-day professional transportation services. And when you transport your vehicle with our premium Enclosed car hauling service, you can shelter your prized vehicle from the elements and potential road hazards for a higher (but fair) rate. Choices are the hallmark of top auto shipping companies. And we give you just that — choices.

how does the car transport process works

The car transport process is easier than it seems! Secure a free vehicle shipping quote from our instant vehicle transport costs calculator. Or, contact one of our vehicle shipping service specialists directly at 8188138194.
Once you schedule your vehicle shipment with one of the 59,000+ private car haulers we work with, clean your car for transport before your scheduled car pickup date. You (or someone you appoint) will conduct a comprehensive vehicle inspection with your driver to notate preexisting damages before your auto shipment.
Afterward, your driver will load your automobile onto a car carrier for vehicle transport! Once your automobile shipment is in transit, you can track your private car transport order via our online vehicle shipment tracker.
When your car arrives at its destination, you or someone you appoint will conduct one last vehicle inspection with the driver, sign off on the Bill of Lading, and that’s it! Don’t spend your hard-earned money with private car transport companies that make things hard on you. Book with an auto transport company that makes things simple. Book with lit Auto Transport.
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How It Works

Lite Auto Transport offers tons of different services for you to pack and ship your vehicles to your destination of choice. For more information on all of our transportation services please refer to the sections down below and feel free to click on any of our individual services to learn more.

  • Get A Quote

You can easily get a price instantly by providing the pickup/delivery locations and vehicle information.

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  • Book A Date

Your shipping date is very important. Not every customer’s situation is the same so we offer.

Searching Auto transport quote online 1 #1 Best Car Shipping | Top Rated Vehicle

Prepare Vehicle

  • Once you’ve placed an order, you should know what to expect and how to prepare your vehicle.
download 2 #1 Best Car Shipping | Top Rated Vehicle
  • Vehicle Departure

Car Delivery

You can expect regular notifications and updates leading to your vehicle departure.

  • Vehicle Arrival

man keys #1 Best Car Shipping | Top Rated Vehicle

Just like the departure, you will be notified in advance of the ETA. When your vehicle is nearing.

Open Transport

An open transport carrier is the most cost-effective way to move your vehicle across a state or even the country while removing any risk from driving the car yourself. Your vehicle is placed onto one of our diverse ranges of open transport haulers and is shipped to its destination with the utmost safety and ease for your peace of mind. Our door-to-door open transport service is only one way to get the complete satisfaction of our customers and certainty that your vehicle will arrive safely and in a timely manner. For more details on shipping your vehicle, please call us today for more information.

Enclosed Transport

Do you need more security when transporting your vehicle? Allow one of our exclusive enclosed carriers to remove any doubts when moving your car. Our enclosed carriers are fully insured ($1M/minimum) with zero deductible, setting your mind at ease while giving you a complete transport experience.

We understand that even full insurance won’t always truly cover the value of one of your most priceless possessions. Whether antique, classic, exotic, custom or sentimental you can rest assured that your vehicle’s safety is our top priority. Handled by only trained professional operators using some of the best equipment, look no further when using our “white glove” enclosed transport service. Our best agents are waiting to offer you a quote, call us today.

Motorcycle Transport

We wouldn’t be complete if we couldn’t do it all. Here at Lite Auto Transport we handle any vehicle type, including motorcycles. Having options of how to transport your motorcycle is vital and is what makes your transport experience complete. Whether it is an antique motorcycle or your everyday bike, we will ensure its safe and secure transportation. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will guide you through an in-depth process to be sure your specifications are met. This way we can provide you with our most accurate quote. Call us today for more information.

Boat Transport

Whether shipping a boat, jet-ski, or any type of watercraft, there is nothing we can’t handle. We ship it all. At Lite Auto Transport, we wish to give our most accurate quotes when shipping your boat.

Therefore, it is very important to have all specifications ready when attempting to ship your vessel, all of which can be explained in detail by one of our professional agents. We can guide you in obtaining any information needed so that you can have the best experience of our complete transportation while getting the best offers.

Heavy/Oversized Transport

For RVs, rollbacks, tractors, even travel trailers Lite Auto Transport gives a full scale range of options. We have access to a variety of low-boys, step decks, and flatbeds all tailored to meet your oversized requirements. The dimensions and specs of a heavy/oversized vehicle are vital to determine which trailer suits best and helps us determine the most accurate price. If you are a business looking for reliability, we offer exclusive corporate discounts for long term contracts. Call us today for more information.

Ship Car to Another State

5 Star Service

Safely transport your car, truck, or motorcycle from state to state, anywhere across the United States, with ease. Don’t let the stress of finding a reliable car transport service add to your worries. Get an Instant Car Shipping quote today!

Why Choose Lite Auto Transport?

Lite Auto Transport has you covered with our reliable and convenient car shipping services. When you need to move your vehicle across different states, whether for a relocation, college, or any other reason, Lite Auto Transport offers a smooth and hassle-free solution. We provide various options, including open and enclosed carriers, ensuring your vehicle is transported securely and according to your preferences.

To explore the specifics of how Lite Auto Transport can assist you, simply select your state from the map above. By clicking on your state, you can access detailed information tailored to your location, including services, pricing, and the step-by-step shipping process. You can gather all the essential details you need to make an informed decision about transporting your car.

With Lite Auto Transport, you’re just a click away from a seamless car shipping experience, allowing you to move your vehicle with confidence and peace of mind.

Popular Car Transport Routes

  • AL to CA
  • AL to FL
  • AL to TX
  • AL to HI
  • AL to NY
  • AL to NJ
  • AL to CO
  • AZ to CA
  • AZ to NY
  • AZ to NJ
  • AZ to CO
  • AZ to FL
  • AZ to HI
  • AZ to TX
  • AR to HI
  • AR to NY
  • AR to NJ
  • AR to CO
  • AR to CA
  • AR to FL
  • AR to TX
  • CA to FL
  • CA to TX
  • CA to HI
  • CA to NY
  • CA to NJ
  • CA to CO
  • CO to NY
  • CO to NJ
  • CO to HI
  • CO to CA
  • CO to TX
  • CO to FL
  • CT to FL
  • CT to TX
  • CT to CO
  • CT to HI
  • CT to CA
  • CT to MD
  • DE to FL
  • DE to CA
  • DE to TX
  • DE to HI
  • DE to CO
  • FL to CA
  • FL to HI
  • FL to NY
  • FL to NJ
  • FL to CO
  • FL to TX
  • GA to FL
  • GA to CA
  • GA to TX
  • GA to HI
  • GA to NY
  • GA to NJ
  • GA to CO
  • HI to CA
  • HI to FL
  • HI to TX
  • HI to NY
  • HI to NJ
  • HI to CO
  • ID to FL
  • ID to CA
  • ID to TX
  • ID to HI
  • ID to NJ
  • ID to CO
  • ID to NY
  • IL to FL
  • IL to CA
  • IL to TX
  • IL to HI
  • IL to NY
  • IL to NJ
  • IL to CO
  • IN to CA
  • IN to FL
  • IN to TX
  • IN to HI
  • IN NJ
  • IN to CO
  • IN to NY
  • IA to CA
  • IA to FL
  • IA to TX
  • KS to CO
  • KY to FL
  • KY to HI
  • KY to NY
  • KY to NJ
  • KY to CO
  • KY to CA
  • KY to TX
  • LA to CA
  • LA to TX
  • LA to FL
  • LA to NY
  • LA to NJ
  • LA to HI
  • LA to CO
  • ME to CA
  • ME to FL
  • ME to TX
  • ME to HI
  • ME to NY
  • ME to NJ
  • ME to CO
  • MD to HI
  • MD to CO
  • MD to CA
  • MD to FL
  • MD To TX
  • MA to AZ
  • MA to CA
  • MA to FL
  • MA to TX
  • MA to HI
  • MA to CO
  • MI to FL
  • MI to CA
  • MI to TX
  • MI to HI
  • MI to NY
  • MI to NJ
  • MI to CO
  • MN to CA
  • MN to CO
  • MN to FL
  • MN to TX
  • MN to HI
  • MN to NY
  • MN to NJ
  • MS to FL
  • MS to TX
  • MS to HI
  • MS to NY
  • MS to NJ
  • MS to CO
  • MS to CA
  • MO to FL
  • MO to CA
  • MO to TX
  • MO to NY
  • MO to NJ
  • MO to HI
  • MO to CO
  • MT to CA
  • MT to FL
  • MT to TX
  • MT to HI
  • MT to NY
  • MT to NJ
  • MT to CO
  • NE to CA
  • NE to FL
  • NE to TX
  • NE to HI
  • NE to NY
  • NE to NJ
  • NE to CO
  • NV to FL
  • NV to CA
  • NV to TX
  • NV to HI
  • NV to NY
  • NV to NJ
  • NV to CO
  • NH to FL
  • NH to CA
  • NH to TX
  • NH to HI
  • NH to NY
  • NH to NJ
  • NH to CO
  • NJ to CA
  • NJ to FL
  • NJ to GA
  • NJ to TX
  • NJ to HI
  • NJ to CO
  • NM to FL
  • NM to CA
  • NM to TX
  • NM to HI
  • NM to NY
  • NM to NJ
  • NY to CA
  • NY to FL
  • NY to TX
  • NY to HI
  • NY to CO
  • NC to CA
  • NC to FL
  • NC to TX
  • NC to HI
  • NC to NY
  • NC to NJ
  • NC to CO
  • ND to FL
  • ND to CA
  • ND to TX
  • ND to HI
  • ND to NY
  • ND to NJ
  • ND to CO
  • OH to CA
  • OH to FL
  • OH to TX
  • OH to HI
  • OH to NY
  • OH to NJ
  • OH to CO
  • OK to CA
  • OK to FL
  • OK to HI
  • OK to NY
  • OK to NJ
  • OK to CO
  • OR to FL
  • OR to CA
  • OR to TX
  • OR to HI
  • OR to NY
  • OR to NJ
  • OR to CO
  • PA to TX
  • PA to HI
  • PA to CO
  • PA to CA
  • PA to FL
  • RI to FL
  • RI to CA
  • RI to TX
  • RI to HI
  • RI to NY
  • RI to NJ
  • RI to CO
  • SC to FL
  • SC to CA
  • SC to TX
  • SC to HI
  • SC to NY
  • SC to NJ
  • SC to CO
  • SD to FL
  • SD to CA
  • SD to TX
  • SD to HI
  • SD to NY
  • SD to NJ
  • SD to CO
  • TN to CA
  • TN to FL
  • TN to TX
  • TN to CA
  • TN to HI
  • TN to NY
  • TN to NJ
  • TN to CO
  • TX to FL
  • TX to CA
  • TX to HI
  • TX to NY
  • TX to NJ
  • TX to CO
  • UT to CA
  • UT to FL
  • UT to TX
  • UT to HI
  • UT to NY
  • UT to NJ
  • UT to CO
  • VT to FL
  • VT to CA
  • VT to TX
  • VT to HI
  • VT to NY
  • VT to NJ
  • VT to CO
  • VA to FL
  • VA to CA
  • VA to TX
  • VA to HI
  • VA to NY
  • VA to NJ
  • VA to CO
  • WA to FL
  • WA to CA
  • WA to TX
  • WA to HI
  • WA to NY
  • WA to NJ
  • WA to CO
  • DC to CA
  • DC to FL
  • DC to TX
  • DC to HI
  • DC to NY
  • DC to CO
  • WV to FL
  • WV to CA
  • WV to TX
  • WV to HI
  • WV to NY
  • WV to NJ
  • WV to CO
  • WI to FL
  • WI to CA
  • WI to TX
  • WI to HI
  • WI to NY
  • WI to NJ
  • WI to CO
  • WY to FL
  • WY to CA
  • WY to TX
  • WY to HI
  • WY to NY
  • WY to NJ
  • WY to CO

Car Transport to Any State


The choice between open and enclosed carriers can impact the cost. Enclosed carriers offer more protection but are usually more expensive than open carriers.


Shipping a car from one state to another involves a straightforward process that begins with research and planning. First, request a quote from us.

Next, schedule the pickup date and location. Prepare your car by cleaning it thoroughly, documenting its current condition with photos, and removing all personal belongings.

Disable alarms and ensure the gas tank is no more than a quarter full to reduce weight. The carrier will inspect and load the vehicle onto the transport trailer on the pickup date. You can track the car’s progress and receive updates throughout the transit. Inspect the vehicle for any potential damages upon delivery and report them if necessary.

With careful planning, you can seamlessly transport your vehicle from one state to another, ensuring a safe and efficient journey.

The cost to ship a car to another state can vary depending on several factors. The distance between the origin and destination states is a primary determinant of the shipping cost, with longer distances typically resulting in higher prices.

The type of transport service you choose, such as open or enclosed carriers, also impacts the cost, with enclosed carriers being more expensive but offering additional protection for the vehicle.

Moreover, the season and demand for car shipping can influence prices, with peak seasons often leading to higher rates.

Request an instant quote today to get the answer!


Larger and heavier vehicles may require more specialized equipment, which can lead to higher transportation costs.

The time it takes to ship a car to another state can vary depending on factors such as the distance between the origin and destination, the specific route taken, and the availability of carriers.

Generally, car shipping within the same region or neighboring states may take anywhere from a few days to a week. For longer distances, such as coast-to-coast shipments, the process may extend to two weeks or more. Additionally, the type of transport service chosen, such as open or enclosed carriers, can also impact the shipping duration.

It’s essential to discuss the estimated time frame with the car shipping company and plan ahead to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of your vehicle to its destination state.


The distance between the origin and destination states is a significant factor affecting the shipping cost. Longer distances generally incur higher shipping fees.


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