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Embark on a hassle-free car transportation journey with Oregon Car Shipping, Oregon 3 203x0 1 Welcome to Oregon Car Shipping Service Excellencewhere our primary goal is to simplify the process for your utmost advantage.

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Oregon is a state located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Home to a population of over four million residents, Oregon ranks as the 27th-largest state in the U.S. by population.

This makes finding Oregon auto transport services a bit easier, at least from a customers’ point of view.

There are several positives when shipping to or from Oregon aside from its population, too. For one, it sits just north of California, one of the most popular states to ship a car from or to. It is also home to Portland, Oregon, one of the most popular cities in the northwest to ship from or to. But there’s a lot to know about Oregon auto shipping services, so keep reading to learn more.DSC 0230 scaled e1578607905312 1024x527 Copy Welcome to Oregon Car Shipping Service Excellence

A bit about Oregon auto transport services

As mentioned, the most popular shipping location in Oregon is easily Portland.

Well, the Portland metropolitan area in general, which also includes parts of southern Washington State.Car Delivery

Portland is easily the largest city in the state and the most easily accessible.

Not only that, but several of Oregon’s largest cities sit close to Portland, which allows carriers easy access to multiple high-profile areas.

As such, prices tend to be lower into and out of the Portland metro area.

A big part of this is the fact that the entire metro area is accessible via two major interstate highways.

The first is Interstate 5, a major north-south interstate highway that runs from Seattle to San Diego.

And it cuts right through Portland.

This makes it so much easier for carriers to go from one major city to the next along the west coast. And the other major interstate through Oregon is I-84, which also goes right through Portland.

I-84 doesn’t see as much traffic as I-5, but it’s definitely a prominent shipping route for many carriers.

This too should help keep prices lower and wait times lower too.

A bit about rural Oregon auto transport services

One of the main issues with Oregon auto shipping is when you’re shipping to areas that aren’t accessible via major interstates.

And there are quite a few areas of Oregon that are only accessible via state highways or surface streets.

These are areas that are going to be more expensive to ship to because they’re definitely out of the way.

And out of the way areas are a problem for carriers because they’re more expensive for them to get to.

If an area isn’t along a major interstate, chances are it’s not all that popular among customers.

This means lower demand, which carriers will see and thus try to avoid. They want to travel to and from major cities because it’s where the majority of their customers are.

So if they do ship to a rural area, they’re going to have to charge more to get to or from there, lest they end up losing money on the shipment. Keep this in mind and make sure to speak to an agent if your route is a rural one. They can give advice to help you save time and possibly money on your shipment.

Interested in Oregon Lite auto transport?

Are you looking to ship a vehicle to or from the state of Oregon? If so, you should take a minute to fill out our free online auto transport quote request form.

It’s completely free and will get you a free quote to ship your vehicle right away.

We work with only top-rated auto shippers so you can rest easy from booking to delivery.

You can also contact one of our representatives any time phone call 818-813-8194.

They can answer questions, give you a free quote, give you advice on shipping your vehicle, and even place a reservation to ship, all over the phone. So whether you use our quote form or give us a call, find out what Lite Auto Transport can do for you.

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