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Nevada is a state located in the Mountain West region of the United States.

Home to over 2.9 million residents, it is the 34th largest state by population in the U.S.

This makes finding Nevada auto transport services a bit easier.

At the same time, though, those people are mostly all living in one of two major metro areas – Las Vegas, or Reno.

Those are easily the two most popular auto shipping locations in Nevada as the state is mostly desert…and deserted.

This can make it harder to find car shipping services to or from most parts of the state…at least those that aren’t Las Vegas or Reno, that is.

A bit about Nevada auto shipping services

Most carriers are going to want to run routes either to Reno or Las Vegas, and preferably the latter.

Las Vegas is by far the largest and most densely populated city in the state, so it’s not surprising it’s the most popular place to ship a car, either.

Las Vegas also has some advantages in terms of accessibility.

Not only is it the most popular car transportation location in Nevada, but it’s also pretty easy to get to.

Remember, auto shippers like routes that keep them on major interstate highways, and luckily I-15 runs right through Vegas.

I-15 isn’t the most popular interstate highway for auto transport companies, of course.

That would be I-95, or maybe I-10. But I-15 does connect Los Angeles to Las Vegas and other cities further north.

Notably, I-15 services the Salt Lake City, Utah metropolitan area.

And that’s a pretty big stop for carriers in a pretty barren part of the country.

I-15 allows them to quickly get to other major cities, which helps them keep overhead costs lower and thus your prices lower as well.

And then there’s Reno, which, to be fair, isn’t nearly as popular.

It does sit along I-80, which is another major interstate highway that runs from San Francisco to New Jersey.

And it definitely sees traffic, But it also passes through some pretty barren stretches of the country, and this can dissuade some carriers.

At the same time, Reno will still be cheaper than, say, Ely, at least to ship a car to or from.

A bit about rural Nevada auto transport

Now, the benefits that Reno and Vegas enjoy do not apply to the more rural parts of the state.

This isn’t all that surprising, really, as carriers like to stay on major routes and interstates.

Rural shipping services in Nevada tend to be a lot more expensive and harder to find.

If you look at the map below it’s really not hard to see why, either.

Rural shipping take a lot longer and costs a lot in fuel and time.

Therefore, a carrier has to be compensated for that, lest they lose money.

They are businesses, after all.

So if you’re shipping to a rural part of Nevada but you’re on a budget or you’re pressed for time, talk to an agent.

Even if you’re in a place like Ely, you should be able to do some things to help your prices or your pickup/delivery windows. Moving your pickup or delivery location to a major city may be out of the question, given the size of the state, but it may be easier to move it closer to an interstate. But we do recommend you at least speak to an agent to learn more.

Interested in Nevada auto transport services?

If you’re interested in shipping a vehicle to or from Nevada, we can definitely help! Just take a minute to fill out our free auto transport quote request form. It shouldn’t take more than a minute and will get you a free quote right away.

You can also contact us any time at 818-813-8194 to speak to a representative.

They can answer questions, give you a quote, and even book an order if you’re ready to ship.

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