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Welcome to Minnesota Car Shipping, images Welcome to Minnesota Car Shipping Service Excellencewhere simplicity is not just a goal but the guiding principle of our car transportation services, meticulously crafted for your advantage. As the premier auto moving company, our commitment is steadfast – no migraines, no gaming, and a profound appreciation for your time throughout the entire process.

Calculating the cost of exporting your car with us is as straightforward as our services promise to be. At Minnesota Car Shipping, we understand the value of your time, ensuring that every aspect of your car transportation journey is smooth and stress-free.

Bid farewell to the frustration of waiting endlessly for elusive emails or playing phone tag with private transport providers. Our auto shipping quotes redefine industry standards with their thoroughness, quickness, and accuracy, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the auto transport business. When you choose Minnesota Car Shipping, you rightfully expect more from the auto shipping company you hire – and we deliver more, and we deliver it promptly.

Experience the difference by entering your pickup location, delivery location, and your car’s make and model into our user-friendly contact form. Alternatively, feel free to text us at 929-203-0415. In mere moments, we’ll respond with detailed auto transport quotes, ensuring you have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to transparency. Unlike less trustworthy car shipping firms, we don’t engage in deceptive practices with false fees and hidden expenses. At Minnesota Car Shipping, you pay the displayed price – no surprises, no hidden costs. Choose the lite auto transport difference – where auto transport quotes are made simple by a company that genuinely cares about your needs. Choose Minnesota Car Shipping.

Top Rated Minnesota Car Shipping Experts


When you need to ship a car to or from Minnesota, you need an experienced Minnesota car shipping company you can rely on. For over 10 years, Lite Auto Transport has been providing safe and reliable Minnesota car shipping for both individual and business clients.

Direct Service To/From Any Location in Minnesota

Through our advanced network of over 25,000 carriers, we provide direct service to/from any residential or business location in Minnesota.

Minnesota Car Shipping Services | Lite Auto Transport

Welcome to Lite Auto Transport, your premier choice for all things related to Minnesota car shipping. Whether you’re relocating your vehicle or shipping a car you’ve just purchased, we offer a hassle-free, reliable service to help you get your car to or from Minnesota.

Minnesota Car Shipping Services

Minnesota state to state car shipping is a nuanced process, involving cooperation and coordination. Ensuring an efficient, hassle-free, and reliable Minnesota car shipping process needs expertise and knowledge. But, Lite Auto Transport makes it easy for you.

Auto transport service the easy way to or from Minnesota

Shipping a car to or from Minnesota is easy with Lite Auto Transport. Our team handles the entire auto shipping process for you, ensuring your vehicle arrives safely and on time. Trust us for quick, reliable Minnesota vehicle transportation.

Top Rated Minnesota Car Shipping Experts

Trust Lite Auto Transport to provide exceptional Minnesota car shipping services. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the shipping process smoothly. We receive consistently great reviews for:

  • Responsiveness: Fast replies to all inquiries and excellent customer service throughout the process.
  • Reliability: With an on-time pickup and delivery rate over 98%, your car will arrive as promised.
  • Careful handling: Our pro drivers are trained in cautious loading/unloading and safe transit.
  • Affordable pricing: Competitive rates with discounts for students, military, and seniors.

Whether your vehicle is shipping to/from Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, or anywhere in Minnesota, we’ve got you covered.

Minnesota Car Shipping Cost & Time To Ship Your Car Location Examples

How does Minnesota auto shipping work?

Shipping your car through Lite Auto Transport follows a simple process:

  1. Get an instant quote online or by calling us. Provide vehicle details and locations.
  2. Schedule your ideal transport date(s). We’ll confirm driver details and timeframe.
  3. Prepare your car for pickup – remove items, check fluids, disable alarm.
  4. Driver will arrive on time, inspect your car, load it securely and transport it.
  5. Track status updates until safe delivery. Inspect and sign paperwork when it arrives.

We handle all shipping services while you relax!road Welcome to Minnesota Car Shipping Service Excellence

Minnesota Car Transportation Companies Near Me

Lite Auto Transport partners with quality car haulers across Minnesota, so there’s likely a driver with truck space near your pickup and delivery locations. Our network includes independent contractors and large auto transport companies, providing statewide coverage.

That means we can easily ship vehicles to popular destinations like:

  • Minneapolis: We transport many cars to/from the Twin Cities metro area.
  • St. Paul: The state capital also accounts for a large portion of our Minnesota shipments.
  • Rochester: We serve major cities as well as rural routes.
  • Duluth: Located up north, we cover Duluth shipping needs regularly.
  • Bloomington: No matter if it’s Bloomington or a small town, we have nearby drivers.

Enter your locations on our website to get an instant quote showing carriers in your area.

Types of Car Shipping Services in Minnesota

Wondering about open vs. enclosed car shipping or terminal-to-terminal vs. door-to-door car shipping? Lite Auto Transport offers various auto shipping options:

Open Car Transport

Open transport car shipping is the most affordable option, with vehicles loaded on open carrier trucks and securely transported.

Enclosed Car Transport

For added protection from weather/debris, enclosed car shipping trailers surround vehicles. Ideal for exotic, classic, luxury cars.

Expedited Car Transport

When you need a car shipped faster than standard times, we arrange expedited door-to-door service.

Whether it’s car shipping terminal to terminal or door-to door, our specialists help select the right Mississippi shipping service for your needs.

How to Save on Car Shipping in Minnesota?

Tips For Minnesota Car Shipping Services

Use these tips from Lite Auto Transport to lower your Minnesota car shipping costs:

  • Book during the slower winter months when demand is lower.
  • Remain flexible on exact pickup/delivery dates.
  • Opt for open transport rather than enclosed.
  • Take advantage of available discounts like our military pricing.
  • Compare free instant quotes from multiple companies.
  • Use our online calculator to explore cost factors.

Being flexible on timing and comparing quotes are great ways to save money shipping your car to/from Minnesota.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Minnesota Car Transportation

Properly preparing your car ensures it’s ready for pickup and protected during shipping. Follow these tips:

  • Remove all personal items and valuables from the car. Follow these guidelines if you’re interested in shipping your car with stuff inside.
  • Check fluid levels and tire pressure, filling anything low.
  • Disable alarm systems so they don’t go off during transit.
  • Take photos documenting any existing exterior damage.
  • Provide both sets of keys needed for ignition and doors.
  • Lift lowered suspensions if needed for loading/unloading.

Taking these steps will get your car inspection-ready for the driver.

Receiving Your Vehicle in Minnesota

Once our carrier arrives to deliver your car, follow these final tips:

Inspection for New Damage

  • Do a thorough inspection, looking for any new dings, dents or scratches.
  • Note any damage on the bill of lading before signing it.

Checking for Missing Accessories or Belongings

  • Confirm all accessories/parts included are present.
  • Check interior and trunk for any personal items.

Signing Delivery Paperwork

  • Review the bill of lading, verifying all details are correct.
  • Sign the paperwork when satisfied and obtain a copy for your records.
Minnesota Car Shipping Distance & Time to Ship Your Car Examples
Top Minnesota Shipping LocationsDistanceEstimated Transit Time 
Minnesota to California1,898 miles4 – 6 days 
Minnesota to Florida1,359 miles3 – 5 days 
Minnesota to Texas1,175 miles3 – 5 days 
Minnesota to New York1,213 miles3 – 5 days 
Minnesota to Washington1,708 miles4 – 6 days 
Minnesota to Illinois516 miles2 – 4 days 
Minnesota to Virginia1,195 miles3 – 5 days 
Minnesota to Georgia1,117 miles3 – 5 days 
Minnesota to Colorado917 miles2 – 4 days 
Minnesota to Arizona1,796 miles4 – 6 days 

**It is important to note that the prices and times listed are only estimates and will vary depending on factors such as the season and the type of vehicle being shipped. Use our car shipping calculator to get an instant price quote for your exact type of shipment.

Minnesota Auto Transport Resources

New to shipping a car in Minnesota? These resources provide helpful info:

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