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http://liteautotransport.comNew Jersey is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

Home to a population of over 8.9 million residents, New Jersey is the 11th-largest state by population in the U.S. New Jersey car shipping services are also quite easy to find.

This is because its population density is 1,210 residents per square mile, which ranks first among all fifty states.

This isn’t all that surprising, though.

The state sits close to both New York and Pennsylvania, with northern New Jersey a part of the New York City metro area and southern New Jersey a part of the Philadelphia metro area.

This makes finding auto shipping services to or from the state much easier.

A bit about New Jersey auto transport

As a major state with a large population, it’s natural that a lot of business is done in New Jersey.

This includes within the car shipping industry.

New Jersey’s cities may not be all that large – though they’re pretty big, to be sure – it’s most populated areas sit near either New York City or Philadelphia, which puts them square within one of the largest auto transport markets in the country.

Not to mention the fact that New Jersey is one of the smallest states in total area – this just means that carriers can more easily get from one part of the state to another, and often times they don’t even need to worry about the routes as there are so many to choose from.

Seriously, New Jersey sees several major interstate highways run through it, though perhaps the most important – and the most integral – is Interstate 95. I-95 is a major north-south interstate that runs up the eastern seaboard.

It runs south from the Maine-Canada border, through New England and into New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia before heading further south on its way to Miami, Florida.

This means that some of the largest cities east of the Mississippi are easily accessible to carriers, and many times they can get from one city to the next within a day or two.

 Florida to New Jersey, for instance, can take as little as three days because of I-95, and that ease of access tends to result in lower prices and faster transit times into and out of most of the state’s biggest cities.

A bit about rural New Jersey auto transport

Luckily, New Jersey doesn’t have all that many rural areas. Mostly, it won’t be hard to ship to just about anywhere in the state, save for maybe Atlantic City.

Atlantic City is on the east coast of New Jersey, away from Newark and Camden.

But really, the state isn’t all that large so carriers won’t have that much of an issue with it. Of course, it’ll still be more expensive to ship to the coast than the inland cities, but that’s par for the course.

The nice thing about shipping to the eastern parts of the state is the fact that I-195 runs right to State Route 9, which is a direct link to Atlantic City, Egg Harbor Township, and a bunch of other small towns on the coast.

Not to mention another state route that runs east out of the Camden area to Atlantic City proper.

So carriers have access to those areas, which means lower prices on the whole. We do however recommend speaking to an agent about ways to save money on your New Jersey auto transport services.

There may not be much you can do, but anything you can do they will let you know.

Interested in New Jersey auto transport services?

If you are interested in New Jersey auto transport services, take a moment and fill out our free online auto transportation quote request form. It’s completely free, and you can choose as your pickup or delivery location any city in New Jersey that has a zip code.

And yes, this includes towns, boroughs and villages, too – any municipality that has a zip code.

If you fill out our free form and submit it, you’ll get a free quote instantly. Our quotes are priced to move your vehicle when you need it moved. 

If you have questions about your quotes or our services, or would rather speak to someone over the phone, you can get a hold of one of our live agents any time by calling 818-813-8194.

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