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Experience hassle-free car transportation with Colorado Car Shipping, images 3 Welcome to Colorado Car Shipping Service Excellencewhere simplicity is our commitment to your advantage. As the top auto moving company, we prioritize delivering a streamlined experience, free from migraines and gaming, while valuing and cherishing your time.

Top Rated Colorado Car Shipping Experts


When you need to ship a car to or from Colorado, you need an experienced Colorado car shipping company you can rely on. For over 10 years, Lite Auto Transport has been providing safe and reliable Colorado car shipping for both individual and business clients.

Direct Service To/From Any Location in Colorado

Through our advanced network of over 25,000 carriers, we provide direct service to/from any residential or business location in Colorado.

images 4 Welcome to Colorado Car Shipping Service Excellence

Calculating the cost of exporting your car is as straightforward as our dedication to simplicity. No more waiting for elusive emails or playing phone tag with private transport providers. Our auto shipping quotes set a new standard for speed and accuracy, raising the bar for excellence in the auto transport industry. Expect more from the auto shipping company you hire, and with us, you receive more – quickly.

Entering the realm of auto transport quotes with us is a breeze. Input your pickup location, delivery destination, and your car’s make and model into our “Contact Us” box or text us at 929-203-0415, and in mere moments, experience the efficiency of our services. We provide you with personalized auto transport quotes tailored to your unique needs.

Transparency is key in our approach. Unlike less trustworthy car shipping firms, we don’t resort to false fees or hidden expenses. What you see is what you pay – no surprises. Our focus revolves around caring for your needs, ensuring that auto transport quotes are made simple and stress-free. Choose Colorado Car Shipping – where simplicity, accuracy, and reliability converge, defining the lite auto transport difference.

Colorado Car Shipping Services

Finding a trustworthy Colorado car shipping company makes transporting your vehicle to or from the state straightforward and hassle-free. With over 20 years of auto transport experience, Lite Auto Transport provides premium door-to-door shipping services for CO residents.

Auto transport service the easy way to or from Colorado

Lite Auto Transport manages the entire process when shipping your car to or from Colorado. After getting a free online quote, one of our vetted professional drivers will pick up your vehicle and deliver it safely to its destination. We handle all logistics, paperwork, real-time tracking and driver coordination for a smooth, stress-free experience. Our white glove service minimizes the effort on your end.

Top Rated Colorado Car Shipping Experts

With direct partnerships across top carriers, Lite Auto Transport offers unmatched service and reliability for CO shipping routes. We thoroughly vet every driver in our network through rigorous screening to meet our highest safety and professional standards. This ensures only the best professionals handle your Colorado shipment.

Our logistics team closely monitors each transport, providing email and phone updates if any delays arise. Should any question come up mid-shipment, our U.S.-based specialists are ready to quickly assist you. With thousands of successful CO transports, strict carrier vetting, and nonstop tracking, Lite Auto Transport delivers premium auto shipping you can depend on.

Colorado Car Shipping Cost & Time To Ship Your Car

How does Colorado auto shipping work?

The process of shipping a vehicle to/from Colorado through  Lite Auto Transport is straightforward. After getting a free quote online and booking your shipment, one of our trusted carriers will arrive to load your car using proper equipment. We’ll then transport your vehicle to its destination in CO or elsewhere nationwide. Learn more about how auto transport 2 Welcome to Colorado Car Shipping Service Excellence

For an exact quote tailored to your CO shipment’s details, provide the year, make, model and pickup/delivery locations on our website or by calling (818) 813-8194.

Here are some examples of standard delivery times for common Colorado routes:

  • Denver to Dallas: 2-3 days
  • Colorado Springs to Phoenix: 2-3 days
  • Fort Collins to Los Angeles: 3-5 days
  • Grand Junction to Salt Lake City: 1 day

Of course, transport times may vary based on locations. Our logistics team finds the perfect solution for your shipment specifications.

Colorado Car Transportation Companies Near Me

With the largest auto shipping network nationwide, Lite Auto Transport offers unmatched reach and availability for CO residents. Our direct contracts with all major carriers include specialized local haulers equipped for routes across the state. This extensive transportation capability can accommodate any Colorado shipment quickly.

Lite Auto Transport will match your unique pickup/delivery details to the optimal driver in our system for streamlined door-to-door service. You’ll also enjoy real-time tracking and support until your car arrives safely. Don’t limit yourself to a “near me” search – let Lite Auto Transport  handle your CO transport.

Types of Car Shipping Services in Colorado

Lite Auto Transport  understands every vehicle has unique shipping requirements. We offer multiple solutions with flexibility to meet your needs:

Open Car Transport

Open auto transport secures your car on a multi-vehicle uncovered carrier. This is an affordable option used by most daily drivers.

Enclosed Car Transport

For added protection from weather and road debris, enclosed trailers with walls and roof are available. Enclosed shipping is recommended for exotic, vintage, classic, and luxury vehicles.

Expedited Car Transport

When you need a vehicle shipped urgently to/from CO, Lite Auto Transport  offers expedited transport. Expedited shipping facilitates accelerated delivery through our premium White Glove service.

Let our specialists guide you in choosing the right Colorado auto transport services for your situation and budget.

How to Save on Car Shipping in Colorado

While professional auto transport offers convenience and assurance, we understand it’s an investment. Here are tips for reducing costs when shipping to/from CO:

Tips For Colorado Car Shipping Services

  • Compare rates between open and enclosed shipping. Open transport is more economical for most vehicles.
  • Consider terminal delivery if pickup/delivery locations permit. This can sometimes lower cost.
  • Be flexible on exact transport dates when possible. Mid-week shipping is often cheaper.
  • Ask about Seasonal Specials when getting a quote to maximize savings.

Taking advantage of these savings allows you to ship vehicles conveniently and affordably to/from Colorado. The logistics experts at Lite Auto Transport provide fair, customized quotes tailored to your exact requirements.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Colorado Car Transportation

Proper preparation of your car before transport is crucial to prevent shipping damage. Follow these tips from Lite Auto Transport  when getting your vehicle ready:

  • Remove any personal belongings and items from the vehicle. Lite Auto Transport  is not liable for property left inside. To learn more about shipping a car with stuff inside, click here.
  • Check fluid levels for battery, gas, oil and coolant. Top off if low.
  • Disable your car alarm and provide any anti-theft passcodes to the driver if required.
  • Document exterior condition with photos/video before transport in case of damage disputes.
  • Remove convertible tops as necessary for open shipping. Confirm with your agent first.

These steps will help avoid preventable damage so your car arrives in flawless condition. Our enclosed shipping option offers another protection level when required.

Receiving Your Vehicle in Colorado

Once your car shipped with Lite Auto Transport arrives safely at its CO destination, follow these tips for delivery:

Inspection for New Damage

Thoroughly inspect and look over your vehicle before signing any paperwork. Check for any new scrapes, scratches, dents or damage that may have occurred during transport. Notify the driver and Lite Auto Transport  to start a damage claim if needed.

Checking for Missing Accessories or Belongings

If shipping your personal car, confirm items in the trunk, glove box, and interior are intact. Report any missing accessories, spare tire, etc. promptly.

Signing Delivery Paperwork

Review the bill of lading, take an odometer reading, and sign confirming you’ve received the vehicle in satisfactory condition without new damage or missing items.

Follow these simple steps for peace of mind when your car arrives after CO shipping with Lite Auto Transport .

Colorado Car Shipping Distance & Time to Ship Your Car Examples
Top Colorado Shipping LocationsDistanceEstimated Transit Time 
Colorado to Florida1,624 miles4 – 6 days 
Colorado to New York1,803 miles4 – 6 days 
Colorado to Texas956 miles2 – 4 days 
Colorado to California1,182 miles3 – 5 days 
Colorado to Virginia1,668 miles4 – 6 days 
Colorado to Illinois911 miles2 – 4 days 
Colorado to Georgia1,400 miles3 – 5 days 
Colorado to Ohio1,258 miles3 – 5 days 
Colorado to Washington1,362 miles3 – 5 days 
Colorado to Michigan1,205 miles3 – 5 days 

**It is important to note that the prices and times listed are only estimates and will vary depending on factors such as the season and the type of vehicle being shipped. Use our car shipping calculator to get an instant price quote for your exact type of shipment.

Information About The State Of Colorado

Moving to or from Colorado? Learn more about the local community:

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