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Lite Auto Transport is the # number one rated car transporter in the U.S.

5 Star ServiceCar Shipping Cost Safely transport your car, truck, or motorcycle from state to state, anywhere across the United States, with ease. Don’t let the stress of finding a reliable car transport service add to your worries. Get an Instant Car Shipping quote today!

Lite Auto Transport Trusted Car Shipping Company

Since 2000, we have been the premier choice for auto transport throughout USA and can provide you with a complete range of shipping options to ensure you are provided with quality service that will meet your needs.

At Lite Auto Transport, we stand apart from other car transport companies. Whether you’re purchasing a new car, moving homes, or shipping a prized show car, our team will prioritize ensuring that your car shipping needs are met with the utmost level of service.

On-Time Delivery Auto Transport Near Me

We are the best car shipping company that prioritizes the timely delivery of your car. Our fleet of more the 10,000 different modern auto transport carriers. allows us to quickly and efficiently transport your vehicle to its destination. Count on us for express service and reliable auto transport near your location.

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Open Carrier Car Shipping

In the US, the popular method to transport vehicles is through open carriers. These carriers leave the vehicle open to the elements and are commonly seen on highways. Unlike enclosed carriers, there is no protection from the weather. The standard open carrier is an 18-wheel double-decker tractor-trailer that can hold up to 10 cars. This will most likely be your best auto transport companies option for auto transport.

Enclosed Car Shipping

As a trusted brand in the industry, we have the experience to efficiently transport your enclosed vehicle, including classic cars, luxury, exotic, and antique across the US. Our enclosed transport carriers guarantee that your vehicle will arrive in the same condition it was when it was picked up. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be treated as if it were our own and protected during transport.

Classic Car Shipping

Your classic or exotic car is more than just a machine; it’s a piece of history and a symbol of personal value. That’s why choosing the right car shipping company is vital to ensuring your vehicle arrives at its destination safely and securely. Lite Auto Transport offers specialized services for classic and exotic cars, designed to give them the attention and care they require.

Military Car Shipping

We know how important it is for our military clients to have their vehicles transported with care and precision. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure our Military Car Shipping services exceed expectations. With access to a network of over 10,000 transport carriers, we have the resources to get your vehicle where it needs to go.

Ship Car State to State

Our team of Auto Transport experts specialize in safely shipping a vehicle from state to state, anywhere in the United States. Need a vehicle picked up quickly? Ask about express Shipping pickup services.

Pricing & Industry Differences

As in any industry, the consumer transportation industry is made up of high-end and low-end companies. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for” when it comes to both products and services. At Lite Auto Transport, we do our best to give clients a reasonable price for a high-quality auto transport service. That said, we acknowledge that they can find lower prices in the marketplace.

Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery

If you’re not up for door-to-door delivery, terminal-to-terminal service’s another option. Think of it like a regional storage facility where your car will be picked up from one and delivered to another. Lite Auto Transport has different shipments that are going to the same area, which saves you money. This option is also perfect if you must arrange drop-off or pickup on specific dates and times. But, if you’re short on time, it may not work for you. It also helps if you can’t be there when the car needs to be picked up or dropped off.

Top-Rated Enclosed Auto Transport Service

We’ve led enclosed car shipping services for over 10 years. Need your car shipped? No problem, we can get it done! Our direct door-to-door auto transport services cover any location in the US states. Lite Auto Transport boasts an A+ rating  and an exceptional safety record. We’ve shipped over 5000 vehicles Monthly . Our clients trust us to protect their precious cars, so we’re the go-to for the most unique vehicles. We’ve shipped a 1986 Batmobile, Tesla, Audi, Ferraris, Bugatti’s, Vipers, McLarens, and even a few Lotus Exige’s. We’ll ensure that your custom or exotic car arrives in the perfect condition it was loaded onto our truck. Choose Lite Auto Transport for all your enclosed auto transport needs!
  Here’s how we can help with car shipment across the USA: For individuals: We work with individual car owners to make their moves as smooth as possible. For enterprise logistics: We partner with car dealers, rental companies, partner brokers, and other enterprise logistics customers. Whatever your specific needs, we’ll tailor our car shipping services to meet them. We offer personal agents to work with you, so you can be sure that everything is taken care of. For transporter logistics: If you’re looking for a car shipping company, we can help with everything from administrative service to truck dispatch and financial management. You can outsource full or partial load fulfillment to our carriers and benefit from the industry’s best car shipping rates.
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