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At Lite Auto Transport, our goal is to make car shipping as fast, safe and cost effective as possible.

Lite Auto Transport is a leading provider of nationwide door-to-door auto shipping services. Our dedicated team of shipping professionals will arrange and transport your vehicle with care from start to finish. We provide reliable car shipping for both individuals and companies, moving thousands of vehicles on a monthly basis.

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Shipping your car with Lite Auto Transport is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Getting a quote is fast and easy with our  online quote request at Enter the details of your transport to received email price quote or text us at 818-813-8194 – continue to book your reservation online or by phone.cropped-girl_get_quote.png
Secure Auto Shipping
We ensure the safety when transporting your vehicle by implementing safety checks throughout the entire vehicle shipping process. Our drivers are fully bonded & licensed.
24/7 Support
Our Customer Service Team works day-in and day-out to assist you with your shipping needs anytime of the day. Don’t hesitate to call us anytime to check the status of your vehicle delivery.
Fast Delivery
We have a single point of contact only for you. We ship your vehicle from point A to point B without any unnecessary terminal transfers, making sure that we avoid any risk of delays so your vehicle arrives on time.
  Since 2018, Lite Auto Transport  has been providing clients with reliable, affordable auto transport options. Our knowledgeable staff members work with customers on an individual basis, keeping them informed of their vehicle’s status and adding a personal touch to the overall process. Our customers trust us because of this one-on-one, personal focus that ensures they aren’t just a number in our eyes. We know that your car is important to you & never have to wonder where it is or when it gets there, because with Lite Auto Transport let’s you know. Our great vehicle transport rates and prompt service set us apart from the competition. We will schedule your vehicle on the right truck to fit your needs. This gives you, our customer, the best possible auto transport delivery at the lowest competitive price. We service the entire continental United States. No matter where you need to ship your automobile to, we can provide you with dependable vehicle transport anywhere throughout the United States. Regardless of the distance traveled, we work hard to keep our prices for car shipping as low as possible. We provide lower rates for car & motorcycle transport than many of our competitors.

Vehicle Shipping

Every new car at some point in its delivery to the dealership is carried by truck car shippers. It’s not hard for automakers to roll up the mileage. Toyota alone averages 45 million total highway miles annually to deliver 2 million vehicles to nearly 1,500 Toyota and Lexus dealers across the country . Today’s trailer auto transporters can carry up to 12 vehicles. The rigs are designed so that the tractor can support up to four cars, and on double deck trailers, up to eight vehicles. The tractor-trailer rigs utilize hydraulically operated ramps. Each ramp can be lowered or raised to provide a smooth approach for loading or to clear cars under it when the trailer is fully loaded. The ramps can also be tilted to maximize the available space by tucking the end of one car under another . The transport driver is responsible for loading and unloading the rig. This operation has been compared to solving a 3D puzzle because of the time, car size and scheduling issues that have to be juggled. Obviously, the first car loaded can’t be the first car delivered, or else the entire trailer has to be unloaded. Some cars are backed onto the trailer while others are driven in nose first to maximize space or meet overhang requirements. Larger vehicles are usually on the top level. An experienced driver can load and secure a trailer of familiar, similar-sized vehicles in about 90 minutes. A load of different-sized vehicles can take up four hours [sources: Becker and Stone]. High-end racecar transporters, like those used by NASCAR and Indy car teams, are enclosed, custom-built aluminum trailers with two decks. The upper deck can hold two cars, which are raised up for storage using an electric lift gate off the back of the trailer. The lower deck serves as a workshop and can be outfitted with storage cabinets and power tools. A lounge for the crew and driver can also be installed [source: Feather lite Trailers]. For the average motorist traveling behind an open-trailer auto transporter, the obvious fear is a vehicle falling off onto the highway. Officials say such an incident is extremely rare because each vehicle is secured at four locations. Chains and straps are used to secure vehicles to the trailer. Most cars are manufactured with specific tie-down holes in the chassis or frame. Chains with specialized hooks to fit those holes are ratcheted tight to secure the vehicles to the transport trailer. The transporters even have specific requirements for the mounting angle of the chain from the vehicle to the trailer. Luxury and exotic automakers require less intrusive methods. The strap system utilizes high-strength straps that are positioned over each tire and tightened to the trailer, eliminating scratches or dents to the vehicle chassis. Both methods are very secure. Transporters that have flipped in an accident have been known not to lose a single vehicle.
One of the most asked questions in the auto shipping business is what’s the difference between open and enclosed car shipping.

Open TransportVehicle Shipping service

The main difference between the two is the type of truck used for transport. Open car transport is the typical car carrier you see on the roads with an upper and lower deck. These vehicles are exposed to the weather elements, dirt & debris. This is perfectly fine for most cars and is a cheaper alternative to enclosed car shipping. Open transport is also more popular and your transit time will be less from pick up to destination points as there are more open car carriers available than enclosed shippers. Our open transport drivers are highly trained to keep your car safe and on-time.

Enclosed TransportAbout Liteautotransport

The other option is using a enclosed car carrier. This is usually best suited for high value cars, classic cars, antique automobiles and exotic cars. When choosing an enclosed transport shipping the truck is completely enclosed and the vehicle is protected from weather, dust & road debris. Enclosed car shipping does cost more but protects vehicles more. Our enclosed transporters are highly trained to make sure these high end vehicles arrive safely and on time and take great care & pride in their work and your satisfaction.

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