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Types And Uses Of Vehicle Shipping Services

                            Open Auto TransportCar Delivery

When you think of auto transport carriers, an open auto transport carrier is likely the trailer that comes to mind, as it is the most common. Our open auto transport carrier has the capability of transporting up to nine vehicles at the same time. Your vehicle would be secured on either the lower level or upper level of the carrier, both of which are open air compartments. This means that your vehicle would be exposed to the elements of the road and the weather. However, it is the most popular way to transport vehicles. If you are looking for transport that protects your car from the elements of the road, you can consider enclosed car shipping below. Learn more about open auto transport.

Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport Graphic

Before selecting to use an open auto transport carrier, you should be made well-aware of the advantages and disadvantages associated with this method of transport. First, however, you must understand what open auto transport is.

What Is Open Auto Transport?

Open auto transport is the most popular method of transport used by customers to haul their vehicles from one location to another. An open-air carrier is used to transport the cars. Therefore, the carrier does not contain enclosed side walls or a roof. The two most popular sizes for these transport trucks are six and nine car carriers. At these sizes, they will often times contain two levels. Your car may be positioned on either level, unless you specify for top-loading.   Open Auto Transport has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the items to take into consideration before using this shipping method.

Advantages Of Open Auto Transport:

  • More affordable. There are two shipping options to choose from, which are open and enclosed auto transport. In comparison to enclosed, open auto transport is less expensive. With enclosed auto shipping, the vehicle is more protected a variety of weather of elements. For this reason, it is a better option for high-priced vehicles. This is also what makes enclosed auto transport more expensive.
  • Faster option. As we mentioned before, open auto shipping is the most common method of transporting a car. Due to this fact, these types of carriers are in higher demand. In some cases, this causes open carriers to be a faster method, because there are more widely available.

Disadvantages Of Open Auto Transport:

  • Not shielded. It is important to remember that the car will be placed on an open-air carrier. This means that the car will not be protected from variety of weather conditions, such as rain, hail, and snow. The vehicle will also be exposed to a number of road and other outside elements, including dust, dirt, grime, rocks, and insects. This is one of the primary reasons why owners of classic, exotic, and luxury models choose to use enclosed auto transport over open auto transport.
Whichever shipping option you choose, you should rest easy knowing that your car will reach its destination safely. Although open auto transport is a more affordable option, it still provides a safe manner of transporting your vehicle to its intended destination. Learn more enclosed auto transport. At Lite Auto Transport , we offer auto shipping services to anywhere in the United States. We have highly-experienced drivers and knowledgeable staff. We understand how much your car means to you and treat your car with the utmost care. Check out our other services. To request a free, instant car shipping quote, use our online quote calculator or call us today at 818-813-8194.  

                                 Enclosed Car ShippingAbout Liteautotransport

Enclosed car shipping is available to all vehicles. However, many customers take advantage of this option when transporting luxury or classic models. Enclosed car shipping is just what it sounds to be. This method of shipping is by means of a secured, enclosed transport truck, protecting your car from a variety of weather conditions, as well as elements of the road. Our experts in the industry will provide the best of service to ensure that your car gets to its destination without a hitch! Learn more about enclosed car shipping.

Shipping Your Car With Enclosed Auto Transport

When you are looking to ship your car anywhere in the United States, you have two shipping options to choose from. You can either choose the standard method of shipment, which is open auto shipping, or you can choose to ship your car using an enclosed carrier. Your vehicle will be transported safely to its destination whichever method you select. However, many individuals who want greater assurance for themselves and more protection for their car opt to ship via an enclosed transport truck.

Enclosed Car Shipping Features:

Some of the enclosed auto transport carriers even have added features. Not all enclosed carriers have all of the following features. Some are optional depending upon the particular carrier. Here are some features:
  • Hydraulic lift gates. This reduces handling of the vehicle even more and is good for low ground clearance vehicles.
  • Drop floors. This allows the transport carrier to fit more cars. In addition, it allows for easier unloading and loading.
  • Safety straps. All vehicles will be strapped down to prevent them from moving about during the transport process.
  • Climate control. The car is protected from road elements and weather conditions. You can rest easy knowing your prized possession is cared for.

How will the car be shipped?

The car will be strapped down and secured to prevent movement during transport. Enclosed transport trailers typically hold between one and eight vehicles. In addition, the carrier features sides and a roof to provide extra protection from possible road hazards. The sides of the carrier may be soft or hard, depending on the particular transport truck. The vehicle would be shielded from dirt, debris, and grime that could splash up on the car. In addition, it would be protected from a variety of weather conditions, including rain, snow, and hail.

Who typically uses this service?

Anyone can select to use this type of carrier to transport their vehicle. However, in most cases, owners of antique, classic, luxury, and exotic cars choose this method because of the added peace of mind. Models such as these feature high-end paint jobs and deserve the best in service and care. Classic car owners, who do not drive their vehicle on a regular basis, are concerned with depreciation and value. Therefore, we recommend using an enclosed carrier to bypass any risks associated with weather and elements.

How much does it cost?

The cost to ship your car via this method is more expensive than using open auto transport. This is because of the added protection these carriers provide to the vehicles they ship. In addition, it is in less demand than open auto shipping. There are many factors that go into calculating a car moving quote, including distance, type of car, and more. To receive a free, instant car shipping quote, use our online car shipping calculator at or call us at 818-813-8194. If you would like to learn more about other services available to you, check out open auto transport. National Dispatch provides an extensive lists of services. Open auto transport is another reliable method of shipping your vehicle nationwide. If you feel that you do not need enclosed auto shipping, this option may suit your needs better.

                                        Auto Transportation

Auto Transportation Services allow you to relocate your vehicle from a pick-up source to a destination point in an auto transport truck. Our company has expertise in shipping every type of vehicle securely within the given timeframe. Open transportation services are common as they are affordable and are suitable for a wide variety of vehicles. However, you can also choose enclosed transport services to prevent your vehicle from roadside debris or harsh weather conditions. If you don’t want to get bothered about the relocation of your vehicles and want them to be delivered securely, you can choose any one of our auto transport services as per your preference. Learn more about auto Transportation.

                                                  Car Transportation

Car transportation can be a cumbersome task, as no one wants to face any hassle while shipping them from one place to another. That’s why most people prefer car shipping services that help them transport their cars safely, avoiding any kind of wear and tear. Although it seems an expensive option, it would be far less than a long-distance trip budget that includes refueling, food, maintenance, and many other things. It does not only save you money, but it will also make you free from unnecessary worries about getting your car delivered within time and proper safety. We have a team of professionals that assure you to get your vehicle shipped hassle-free and promptly. Learn more about car Transportation.

                  Non-Running Vehicle Shipmentcar shipping inoperable #1 Keys Benefits Of Lite Auto Transport - Found Out Today

Not only can we transport vehicles that are in good working order, our knowledgeable and experienced auto transport experts can move your inoperable vehicle to its next destination, as well. We have the equipment and the manpower to move any non-running vehicle, so do not worry. We will get your vehicle where it needs to be while providing the best of care and service!

Learn more about non-running vehicle shipping.

                                                 Cross-Country Car Shipping

There are times when you have to move your vehicles from one state to another. Along with transportation issues, it also brings multiple logistics challenges. However, you can skip this hassle and sit back and relax by enrolling in a cross-country car shipping service. At the same time, the transportation company delivers your car with proper safety. Registering for a cross-country shipping service saves you from worrying about the transportation rules and regulations followed in a particular state or country. Our company’s drivers are well-qualified and professional enough to take care of that part. With our cross-country car shipping services, you can also track and get real-time updates about the shipment progress. Moreover, we also follow personalized approaches as per your preferences and demands to ensure your shipping needs are adequately fulfilled. Learn more about cross-country car shipping.

                                        Corporate Car RelocationAuto Transport Solutions

Congratulations, you have accepted a new job! However, this new position requires that you travel over state lines. Instead of driving the distance, why not hire Lite Auto Transport to do the work for you? We work with both small business and large corporations to alleviate the stress associated with relocating. We provide both open auto transport and enclosed car shipping options to suit your needs. Our experts in the car shipping industry will ensure that you receive your vehicle on time.

Learn more about corporate car relocation.

                             Dealer To Dealer Car Trade

Car Delivery To Your Front Door - Liteautotransport

Are you a car dealer, trying to sell or trade to another individual in the industry? Lite Auto Transport  can assist you with your car shipping needs. No matter if the vehicle is a classic or luxury model, we can transport it for you. In addition, we can transport running and non-running vehicles needed for a trade. Put your trust in us. We are confident that the car will reach the dealer in pristine condition.

Learn more about dealer to dealer car trade.

Understanding Dealer To Dealer Car Trade

Car trades are common in the automotive industry. When you are in search of the perfect vehicle, you will likely go to your local dealership to view their inventory. What if they do not have the vehicle you are looking for? Instead of traveling a distance away to find the automobile of your dreams, request a dealer to dealer car trade. After an agreement has been reached between dealerships, enlist the help of a reliable auto transport company to get the car to its destination. Even if the car is located across the country, you can trust National Dispatch to deliver the vehicle in the safest and fastest manner, possible.

How Does It Work?

A dealer to dealer car trade is just what it sounds to be. It is the exchange of automobiles between dealerships. If the customer is 100% set on a certain, make, model, and color. Then, they may ask their local dealership to swap vehicles with another location. The dealership uses a unique search tool to look for a vehicle that meets the specific criteria the customer wants. In exchange for the car, the other dealership may request a similar vehicle to make up for the loss in inventory. Sometimes, no swap takes place at that time. The other dealership may simply request their help in the future, if needed.

Benefits Of Using This Method

There are multiple advantages to using this service, for both the dealer and the customer. Here are a few of the benefits:

For The Dealer:

  • Prevents customers from going to competitor. Making sure your customer is happy should be your top priority. When a customer comes to your location to look for an automobile, you do not want them to leave still in search of a vehicle. By undergoing a dealer to dealer car trade, you are doing everything in your power to help find the customer the car of their dreams.
  • Opportunity to form relationships. A dealer to dealer car trade presents the opportunity to form relationships with dealers across the country. This business relationship is beneficial for both parties. Furthermore, you will have more happy customers if you can make their life easier.

For The Customer:

  • Faster than custom-ordering a car. You may have particular tastes in style. This is reflective in your choice of the make and model of your automobile. The dealer is able to search an extensive inventory of cars in hopes of finding a vehicle that meets your wants and needs. This makes the process much faster than special ordering.
  • Do not have to drive out-of-state. This method saves you time. The perfect car may be located at another dealership, a few states away. With the help of your local dealership, however, the car could be yours without having to travel.
As there are advantages, there are disadvantages, as well. One such disadvantage is that there is no guarantee. The dealership may not find a car that meets exactly what the customer is looking for. It is also possible that an agreement cannot be met. Some vehicles are in high demand, so the dealership may be uncertain about parting ways with the car.

Final Thoughts

Before purchasing a car, agree on the sales price. In addition, ensure that it is the automobile for you. The dealer must put in much time and energy into the process of conducting a trade. Therefore, you should be respectful of their time. The responsibility of handling the shipment of the vehicle may fall on the dealer or the individual. In either case, National Dispatch can assist you. Lite Auto Transport  is a nationwide auto transport company. We offer insured, licensed, and expedited auto shipping services to meet your needs. Request an auto transport quote today by going to our website at There, you will find our free online quote calculator. No personal information is required, just four simple fields to get an instant car shipping quote. If you would like to learn more about our services or for any other questions regarding auto transport, please call us at 818-813-8194.

Auction Auto ShippingDSC 0230 scaled e1578607905312 1024x527 Copy #1 Keys Benefits Of Lite Auto Transport - Found Out Today

Whether you are buying or selling a car at an auction, we will ensure the vehicle gets to its destination on time and without a scratch. If you are purchasing a vehicle online from an auction site, you do not want the car to get damaged before even receiving it. As car shipping experts, we make it our priority to provide the best, door-to-door service with both open and enclosed shipping options.

Learn more about auction auto shipping.

Moving A Vehicle For College

You have accepted your invitation to attend that four-year university. Moving to college is an exciting, yet stressful time. Let Lite Auto Transport  alleviate one less stress by transporting your vehicle for you. The car shipping process is easy with us. We provide door-to-door service, and your vehicle will arrive in a timely manner, so it is there when you need it. What is not to love?

Learn more about moving a vehicle for college.

Snowbird Vehicle Moving

Are you a snowbird, moving south to escape the wintry weather of the North? We can ship your car anywhere in the United States with ease. We know that driving in snow and ice can be dangerous, and driving a multitude of miles can be expensive. Therefore, avoid the potential hazards of the road and unnecessary roadside expenses by letting Lite Auto Transport take care of all your car transport needs.

Learn more about snowbird vehicle moving.

Moving A Car To A New Home

Moving house is an exciting, yet stressful process. Not only does it take up a lot of your time, but it is physically exhausting. When undergoing this big life step, choose to hire a professional auto transport company. You will not have to spend hours in a car driving to your new home. In addition, you will have peace of mind, knowing your car is in the hands of a reliable and trustworthy company. Let assist you no matter where you are moving, statewide or nationwide. Learn more about moving a car to a new home.

Military Auto Transport

In the military, moving may be a frequent occurrence. If you are a member of the military, you may be asked to relocate to another base on short notice. When this happens, it helps to know that your items will be safely transported to their new home. This includes your vehicle. Contact Lite Auto Transport at 818-813-8194. With years of experience transporting vehicles across the country, we have assisted with numerous military moves. Learn more about military auto transport.

Entering A Classic Car Show

Are you entering a classic car show? Many classic car owners choose to use auto transport services to get their car to the auto show. Auto shipping is the best method to safely transport your car across the nation, because it prevents the accumulation of added miles. In addition, many options are available to safeguard your vehicle and protect that valuable exterior. Learn more about auto transport for classic car shows. Book your Auto transport With Confidence ⭐AUTO TRANSPORT 🚗VEHICLE SHIPPING🚙 CAR TRANSPORT🏍 CAR SHIPPING🚜 (Covering Every City, Every State & Every Highway) Auto Shipping, Car shipping, Ship my Car, Automobile Transportation, Relocate, affordable car shipping, transport, help me move, move my car ☑️We offer Nationwide Auto Shipping 🔅Transporting Running or Non-Running Cars, 🔅Trucks, Motorcycles, Etc. 🔅Multiple-Vehicle services, 🔅Open Transport and Enclosed Transport Door-to-Door Service Transporting Running or Non-Running Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Etc. Multiple-Vehicle Discounts! Open Transport and Enclosed Transport Shipping across the U.S. Family owned, fully licensed and bonded and insured copart auto haulers manheim vehicle shipping dealership trades salvage iaai cars cheap car movers moving race automobiles manheim car shippers We DO NOT sell leads. If you contact us, you will hear from us ONLY. **FULLY Licensed, Bonded and INSURED **Friendly Customer Service on phone, email or text ! **Fill Out for a Free Quote. ***818-813-8194 / 24 hours a day text / 7 Days a Week with any Questions ***Text 929-203-0415*** pick up and delivery zip codes make model of car and if drivable Email Please give us google review  
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